Photos: Steampunk at the Bubble, Explained in 11 Steps

Mickie Centrone attended the Steampunk Extravaganza at the Bubble in Fort Lauderdale on Saturday.

Few people jumped for joy when it rained Saturday, the day of a warehouse party that will be sans air-conditioning. But there could have been no better setting for a performance by Loxahatchee Sinners

Union -- which frontman James "Scarecrow" Jenkins charmingly describes

as "swamp gospel."

They were set up inside: It was dewy and Jenkins brought his own blue mood lighting, which came out of his battered, brown briefcase.

Jenkins may have not known it during the band's creation, but the

foursome are now in the forefront for being South Florida's leading

steampunk band. The top-hat host, Matt Dee, said that they were a

perfect fit.

As told through the Steampunk Extravaganza at the Bubble, steampunk is:

(11). "Doc Brown's refrigerator," said Tim.

(10). "Have you ever seen Wild, Wild West?" asked an artist.

(9). "The idea that we could progress further until we go backwards," said Dee.

Travis, one of the Bubble dudes, nailed this one with his motorless lawn

mower. "This is the future of mowing," he said. After moving in circles

while listening to Loxahatchee Sinners Union, after mowing the cement

ground, he concluded: "The future is bat-shit crazy."

(8). Dancing in top hats.

(7). Bringing back the curtsey.

(6). Burlesque. That's very 1800s.

(5). Manners. You should know the name of the person who strips for you. In steampunk fashion with that sign, you'll never forget (like how you can when you only hear her name over the intercom before and after the show. Question: Are there no intercoms in steampunk?)

(4). Airship pirates. The host talked lovingly about his childhood watching TaleSpin, "the first steampunk cartoon to be filmed," he said.

(3). Retro-futurist 1800s.

(2). "Something you would have in your house in the Victorian era," said Dee, after he pointed at this wall:

(1). And you guessed it: Loxahatchee Sinners Union.

His haunting baritone voice made one dame say: "Feels like we're in a house of 1,000 corpses."

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Mickie Centrone