Pitbull Named King of This Year's Calle Ocho; New Material Due Out This Year

​Pitbull had already crowned himself the king of Calle Ocho, the street (and symbolic home of just about everything he represents). So it was just a matter of time before Calle Ocho, the festival, acknowledged his coronation -- and all the free advertising on "I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)." With Rebelution boasting hit after crazy hit, topping charts in places as far away and un-Miami-like as Turkey, 2010 is finally shaping up to be Pitbull's break-huge year.

To celebrate, he'll preside over the Calle Ocho festival this coming March 12 to 14, basking in the adulation and cranking out some live songs. Recent past performances have seen him reinterpreting his hits with a full band, so maybe he'll give the songs some extra Latin instrumental flavor.

More Pitbull news: This guy must be in the studio constantly. He's featured on the upcoming Spanish-language Haiti benefit track "Somos El Mundo." (Good, because "We are the World 25 For Haiti" was pathetically low on performers from the Latin, rock, or even country worlds.) A new Spanish-language album, Armando, is due out in May, and this summer, expect yet another English (well, Miami-Spanglish) album.

BTW, if you missed Miami New Times' recent feature on Pit, written by Christopher Lopez, click here to catch up.

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