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Pitbull Seeks Interns: Are You Qualified?

Exciting news, job hunters! Planet Pit is hiring... interns. According to a recent posting on Craigslist, Pitbull's "Record Label, Management, Marketing and Promotions company" is seeking folks who are "looking to grow with our company." So maybe you won't be taking home a pile of cash to start, but every Pit Boss had to start somewhere.

Among the many stipulations: The job is out on Miami Beach, and the listing mentions that reliable transportation, speaking both Spanish and English, and owning a laptop computer are all musts. Nowhere on the list of qualifications does it state that you know what "watagatapitusberry" means, but it's probably not a bad idea to look it up.

We already know one guy who has a decent shot at this job: José el Rey!

Rumors of the South Florida entertainer's death have been grossly exaggerated -- but he has no aspirations to return to performing. Use our questions to him to practice your own interview skills to be ready for Mr. 305, Mr. Bull, or whatever he might go by.

County Grind: You must be bilingual in Spanish and English. Are you?

Jose: Si, I am, completamente PLUS! Some say pluscuamperfecto. Pluscuamperfecto = Past Perfect.

Do you have interest in the music/entertainment industry?

I do. I am as interested in the music/entertainment biz as I am in breathing/living.

Do you have your own laptop (this is required)?

I do. I think, yes, it is required to answer the second part of your question.

Do you have reliable transportation to Miami Beach?

I do. I rely on my car, and it relies on me to put in the gas. We take care of each other

like I would take care of Pit's interests and Excel sheets and him of me and my interest in music/entertainment.

"Self starter and fast learner, willing to prove themselves by their results": does that describe you?

It describes me and my boys,

but I am the leader

of the boys.

Are you flexible with your hours Monday through Friday?

Papo, I am on point and flexible Monday through Sunday and every day in between and before or after.

Are you able to come up with solutions, and are you a problem solver?

There's never a problem around me, but I will do whatever is asked or

insinuated (legal, illegal, extralegal) to "solve a problem." Promise

to leave no paper trail or fingerprints.

Here is my headshot:

It doesn't ask for a headshot. What about a résumé?

OK, buster. People ain't mad when they get a slice of cake they didn't ask for either.

Right. Anyhow, serious applicants should hit up the Pitbull posting as soon as possible. José el Rey should not get this job, and only you have the power and qualifications to stop him in his tracks. More info here.

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