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Pitchfork Captures Surfer Blood Playing "Floating Vibes" in a Sunoco Station

Surfer Blood's "Floating Vibes" clip, filmed by Pitchfork and currently streaming here, could be an official video judging by its multiple camera angles and gratuitous product placement. No pajama shots like their last one, though. Read a live blog of the thrilling action in the garage (did Weezer ever try this concept?) after the jump.

00:01 It's a Sunoco gas station, and there's a lot of snow on the ground. Brooklyn?
00:09 Oh hey, it's the guys just hanging out in the garage with an Interstate Batteries sign carefully placed behind them. Maybe this is what you do on tour when you don't have enough gas money.
00.43 Nice detail shot on bassist Brian Black's FSU Seminoles windbreaker.
01:24 Singer J.P. Pitts is having trouble looking up. Are there garage rats circling his feet, or is there a gathering crowd of mechanics outside?
03:06 Poor "touring percussionist" Marcos Marchesani pounding that drum in his hand. Just make him a full member already, fellas.
03:56 That Gojo hand cleaner will come in handy when you're finished with the song, Surfer Blood. Nice work!

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