Dino Felipe
No Fun Demo
(No Fun)

Pitchfork Gives Dino Felipe's Latest Release a 7.2

Hard-to-please, self-righteous Web site Pitchfork gave local musician Dino Felipe's latest release No Fun Demo a 7.2 out of 10, which for Pitchfork is a-fucking-mazing. Reviewer Marc Masters calls Felipe's latest effort "his poppiest [release] to date," adding "Felipe rarely deviates from his own oddball logic, and if his worst sin is not enough variety to give his music a wider appeal, well, maybe that's just another feather in his bulging cap."

This follows another favorable review Pitchfork gave to local band The Postmarks back in February 2007.

No Fun Demo is available now via iTunes.

- Jose D. Duran


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