​We are big ol' crazy Plains fans around here. County Grind named their self-tited debut LP Best of South Florida Music of 2011, and you better believe we meant it. 

Plains Added to the Official South by Southwest Lineup

This is just one reason we were tickled when we saw that the four-piece rockers were added to the South by Southwest official showcase lineup. How freaking neat is that?

Our first instinct was to call them and ask, how the hell did this happen? Michael McGinnis, singer and songwriter for Plains, is also the dude over at Honor Roll Records. Through Honor Roll, they asked to be considered, and not long after, their inbox proclaimed something like, "You're in." 

"I'm really, really excited. I was going to skip town, and when I found out we were playing SXSW..." that changed everything for Plains' bassist Max Johnston, or so he joked.

Jorge Gonzalez Graupera, who also plays guitar for Plains, is psyched as well but taking a practical approach: "I'm getting a plan together to maximize on the opportunity." Graupera played SXSW before in 2008 with singer and songwriter Alih Jey. 

"Well, as far as getting 'discovered' at South by Southwest, we don't have any illusions about that," Graupera says. He sees these types of festivals as door-openers but not starmakers. "The networking aspect is, I think, the most important part of it, and we're in the market for a booking agent." 

Heads up, agents. These guys are the goods.  

Plains will next perform at Bardot (3456 N. Miami Ave., Miami) on February 16 with Surfer Blood and at the Annex in Hialeah on March 10 with Pool Party and Hit Play. Plains is also working on a new video to coincide with a seven-inch release in early March. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.