Plains' New Performance Lineup for SW 3rd Ave Music Festival

Even more mystifying than Plains' workmanlike fuzzy rock precision was that frontman Michael McGinnis could keep a band together with so many members working on other projects. Well, that has changed, according to McGinnis.

For tonight's show as part of the SW 3rd Ave Music Festival's New Times Stage at the Green Room (doors open EARLY at 5 p.m.), ANR's Michael John Hancock is no longer playing drums and Discosoma Records' Jared McKay isn't handling bass duties anymore. No beef, just hectic schedules.

Now, things'll be in the hands of Guajiro guitarist Jorge Gonzalez Graupera, and bassist Max Johnston and (temporarily) drummer Jorge Rubiera, both of Animal Tropical.

McGinnis adds that the 13-track debut Plains album will be out later this summer via 10k Islands. Here's a rundown of the band's brief recorded history so far:

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Plains - Black Feeling by countygrind

Plains plays this evening at 7:15 p.m. in the Green Room.

SW 3rd Ave Music Festival's New Times Stage. With John

Ralston, the Dewars, Young Circles Plains, the New, Lavola, and more. 5 p.m. Friday,

May 6, at the Green Room, 109 SW Second Ave., Fort Lauderdale. No Cover.

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