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Plains Unveil Florida Tour Dates for January

Miami's emerging indie darlings Plains, who released New Times Broward Palm Beach's favorite album of 2011, continues its victory lap with a four-date trek northward later this month. This could be the sort of practice run the guys need so that a lengthier tour can happen in March to coincide with SXSW. (Hint, hint.)

Anyhow, the quartet is exactly the sort of band you want to see live. Guitarist Jorge Gonzalez Graupera has some legendary poses at the ready, and singer Michael McGinnis brings his shimmering and generous vocals to the table. Bassist Max Johnston and drummer Jorge Rubiera are the thudding heart of the group's self-titled debut, which features songs that "beg to be looped endlessly," according to our own Jose Flores. Though it's unlikely that they'll take requests to hear "End of the World" four times in a row -- which is what we do in the car on the reg -- you could just get in your car and follow them around.

The jaunt begins with one of the most highly anticipated shows of the new year -- Plains and Jacuzzi Boys will open for Sebadoh at Grand Central in Miami on Wednesday, January 18. Then, things shift northward to Green Room in Fort Lauderdale on January 19, our friends in Tampa get a Saturday-night show at New World Brewery, and the voyage wraps at Orlando's Peacock Room.

And, if all of this Plains madness hasn't hit just yet, take an introductory course with the guitar-smashing goodness of the "Black Feeling" video.

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