Pocket of Lollipops Performs Trauma Hawk Art Co-op at Dada on Sunday

Starving as an artist sucks. Starving, period, sucks. That's why it's so sweet that Dada is hosting Trauma Hawk, a co-op event for artists to sell their usable art, made mostly with recycled materials, this Sunday. They'll make money and do things like eat with it. 

Artist and musician Maitejosune Urrechaga is not only bringing some of her own artwork to the venue but she's also performing original music with her husband and bandmate, Tony Kapel, as Pocket of Lollipops. The sophisticated punk-rock band blurs the lines between art and music. "Last time we played at Dada," she says, "we got a bunch of the audience members to participate in a little coloring project while we played."

Pocket of Lollipops were originally contacted by one of Dada's waiters in November to

play a show there. It was then that they charmed organizers of Trauma Hawk, Lauren Shapiro and Uzma Shareef. The two invited the Miami-based band to act as the soundtrack to a unique shopping experience in Delray Beach.


and Shareef began the project when they decided to clear out a bunch of extra stuff they had laying around their studio. The idea, half-jokingly, is that it is an

"emergency artisan life support task force." This is the second time

they've put on this sort of event. The two formed something called the

Slingshot Artists Coalition, which they describe as "a community of

artists, musicians and free thinkers who come together to share ideas

and help propel each other forward in the community."

Kapel and Urrechaga together and separately are involved in every aspect of the art world. Urrechaga's

work "Mind the Snails" was named Best of Art Basel in 2006 by Miami New

Times. She and Kapel recently created the concept behind a

superwoman alligator statue that is displayed at Sawgrass Mills, supported by the Art and Culture Center of

Hollywood. Kapel, a longtime drummer, is also a filmmaker

and an author whose new book, The Halls Ways, features his original artwork.


from a house built in the 1920s, Dada is the perfect venue for this

affair. Its menu includes s'mores -- hullo, can't get more DIY than


You may ask from whence the name Trauma Hawk came. Ever hear of Rambo? Urrechaga

said, when asked if she was a fan, "Who doesn't like Rambo?" She believes this Sunday's event will be great and describes it as "controlled rowdy. Imagine a cat chasing a bird."


some art and listen to Pocket of Lollipops at Dada, 52 N. Swinton

Ave., Delray Beach, on Sunday, January 22, from 7 p.m. to midnight.

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