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Pool Party Wut! for Real, PS14 July 31

 Forget about the Aqua Girl thing and that Just Add Water party. Don't think about the Standard and that rad view of the bay they have.This is the real Pool Party.  The last time Pool Party played was at Sweat Records' COLTOBERFEST 305, last October.

No one has seen or heard hide nor hair of them since. We were finally able to get hold of Guirdo who repeated some oft repeated rumours about the enigmatic geniuses.  Some say Hand Gloveless moved to Central Florida to work in a quarry, excavating cubic zirconia.  We know for a fact that the Lifeguard is usually always on duty performing CPR on willing subjects. Dick Dumb moved to Chevy Chase, Maryland in order to be in "the Holy Land," and Creep Guirdo is a world-renowned Deep House DJ in Munich and Rotterdam. This is a once in a lifetime chance to see this rather excellent band who returns to PS 14 for the first time on Friday July 31.

Pool Party happens with the Jacuzzi Boys on Friday, July 31 at PS 14.  Do your job for god's sake.

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Dominic Sirianni