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Pool Party's "Discotech Valentimes," Perfect for the Miserable People Out There

You can't have a miserably awesome Valentine's Day without a new song by Pool Party! Download their sad lil' tune "Discotech Valentimes" right here. 

Lead singer Creep Guirdo told us, "I wrote this valentime song because I know many people have a broken heart." That was sweet of him. Guess this goes out to all you people feeling the pangs on loneliness today. "No sweet, only sours," Guirdo sings in this weepy song.

The punk rockers have a new 7" EP and brilliantly titled Pool Party Party LP coming out with Chicago's Mooster Records this spring. According to Guirdo, the 7" includes the song "Teenage Weirdo," which, he says, "is about smelling lady's hair." Both are being recorded at Critical Records in Miami and Guirdo says, "We tackle some very taboo subjects. For example: polygamy, getting caught doing voyeurism, altar boys, mangers, nuns and Pizza Hut, and all the latest new drugs, krokodil, meow meow, and bath salts to name a few, Percocet, Ambien, whiskey, crack and regular cocaine, to name a few more. And as usually, disco dancing, pool parties and ultimately, it is all about how we are better at things than most people." Oh, the humility. 

Even though he's a big star, Creep Guirdo is spending this Valentine's solo. "I thought yesterday was valentime. That is when I wrote it. Today i have many candies, flowers, and cookies, and chocolate covered Oreos."

Guirdo even reminisced with us about his most memorable Valentine's Day experience which involved a heart shaped bed, though it wasn't as romantic as we might have hoped."I'm not sure if it was valetime, but there was one night that I was in a lady's room and another lady came in to fight with her about being with me." He told us, "I never felt so loved as that one time. It was not a punching fight. It was a verbal altercation. I was just watching, they were cursing and calling names. They called me names, too. It turned me on a lot, in fact." Hm.

In March, they'll be playing in Hialeah, according to Guirdo "for the very first time" at the Annex with Plains, Hit Play, and Arsenio 88. He continued, "We have never been to Hialeah before, but, my mother told me my father was from there. And they she met him at Tico Fashion. He was a tailor and fitted her sizes and told her she fit right in his heart." The sweetness ends there. "My mom and him did sex, and then he was never seen again. I don't like that part of the story, which is why maybe I avoided Hialeah." Finally adding, "I hope my dad goes." We hope so too. Cheer up Guirdo, this song's for you, by you, and it's wonderful. 

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