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Pool Party's "Teenage Weirdo" Video Heralds the Official End of Summer!

It's pretty safe to assume that Pool Party garners the same fan rift Twilight fans fagged out with, that Team Edward/Team Jacob hullabaloo; you either get the South Florida-fried via Iceland sense of humor or you don't. Touted as lifting the limp flag left behind by the once mighty Queers, Pool Party have single-handedly saved Ramones'-ready pop punk from the putrid morass it had slowly gone to sleep in.

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You could even argue that these guys haven't even been teenagers but are beings of light created by the excess of chlorinated waters and cheap beers. You could even argue that they don't fully understand themselves like the best Scandinavian bands who sing beautifully in English but then deliver the most misguided and ESOL-needing interviews ever (The Hives, ABBA, anyone?).

Regardless, a live Pool Party show is usually one of the better occurrences in South Florida and everyone should experience them at least once, even if it's just to tell their children someday that they were there; amidst the confusion, the sweat, and the inexplicable late Sunday pool barbecue attitude that they brought to some of the better dive bars in the South.

This video was directed by longtime friend and associate George "Giholmz" Olmos and features the band alongside local teen creepster Anthony Interiano. All we're wondering at the end, is how they obtained permits to film that close to a children's park with those gnarly shirts?

Don't be left out, pick up a digital copy of the 7" from which this track hails here or from their label Mooster Records here.

Pool Party - "Teenage Weirdo"

Pool Party will be celebrating their tenth or eleventh (depending on who you ask) anniversary at 9 p.m. this Friday, November 9 with Blood in the Bathroom, Severe Disappointments, Doll Parts, Pretty Voices, Dyslexic Postcards and DJ Skidmark at Churchill's, 5501 NE 2 Ave., Miami. Call 305-757-1807 or visit churchills.com.

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