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Pop n' Reggae Fest

Call up your ganja dealer, pick up a pack of Rizlas, and break out your red, yellow, and green dreadlock cap. So it looks silly on your non-dreadlocked head. Who cares? This weekend is the Pop n' Reggae Fest 2009, and you know you've been waiting for it. Because where else do you get to see Negus Nagast, Malayerba, Los D Menos, Fuzzy Jazz, Electrotribal, and Guaraira and Papazion, all in one place at one time?

OK, truth be told, we didn't have any clue who any of them were either. But a quick consult with Dr. Google reveals that Negus Nagast is a bilingual Venezuelan reggae group. Malayerba's a Latin rock/reggae band out of Fort Liquordale with a pair of decent tracks on its MySpace page. Los D Menos may or may not be a Colombian punk band. Fuzzy Jazz is a kinky porn site (though this one may have resulted from a conveniently overlooked typo). Electrotribal turned up sex toys at first but, eventually, three Venezuelan dudes who make electronica. And Guaraira and Papazion... didn't turn up anything at all. But it's $15 for La Covacha, where drinks are cheap. What have you got to lose?

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Christopher Lopez

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