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Power Outage at Super Bowl; Five Memorable Musical Lights Out Moments

I've been a resident of South Florida since the early '90s. I love it, and I love America. This is, bar none, the greatest country in the world. 

Part of the immigrant experience is immersing oneself into the things that make a neighborhood vibrant, like football. I love football, and I also love the Miami Dolphins. But I will not get into the minutiae of what the Dolphins mean to me and my comrades at this paper.

So our beloved Dolphins did not make it to the Super Bowl. We are rebuilding, right? I think we'll be contenders soon.

But I'd be remiss if I didn't go on public record stating that a very wide grin came over my face when the Mercedes-Benz Superdome's lights went off after that fantastic return after the half. I felt a little of the Third World upbringing I thought I had repressed come to the forefront. Yeah! Lights out! Riot! Fuck it! But no. For the thirty-odd minutes that the lights were out, everyone behaved, it almost seemed like the 49'ers were primed for a comeback.

But this is not a sports blog. This is a music blog and here are some other memorable power outages in the realm of popular music.

5. The Stone Roses
Sorry Roses, no matter how dense your stones might be, sometimes the power goes out, and it will take a British ringer for Kathryn Erbe to smooth the options out.

4. The Progidy
Here's the Prodigy getting the juice running loose during a performance. Look at how all these pookie-heads keep it together and chant in unison. No panic here. Just smack my bitch up.

3. Tiësto
Hey! Lookie here! This extreme-sports enthusiast actually does his fans a favor by overloading the systems! Hurray for knowing how to read a computer screen and knowing that enough is enough! De pinga!

2. Hall & Oates
Notice how at the nine second mark, everybody cheers. Coincidence? Or unholy alliance?

1. Iron Maiden
The electricity fueling the sound is gone. But what do the members of the almighty Iron Maiden do? They do what the rest of the world does, they whip out a football (some of you'ze call it a "soccer ball") and they get down to business.

Because I love this country with all my heart, please explain to me why the sport is called "foot"ball when all they mostly use is their fucking hands. Oh well. I'll always be the seventh son of a seventh son. Huzzah!

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Abel Folgar