The Wiesel!!!
The Wiesel!!!
Jacob Katel

Presidential Debate 2012: Pauly Shore on Encino Man and Touré on Romney as a Musical Genre (VIDEO)

Now, we don't know what it was like behind the scenes at the other debates, but in South Florida, it was drunk and tropical. The press sipped on free Budweiser and ate off of pineapple plates (Lord knows how many pineapples died for our bellies yesterday!). And the students dropped it like it was hot (and it was) at a pre-debate pool party.

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After tanning with the Lynn kids, we asked Pauly Shore which candidate he'd like to play Encino Man in an Encino Man 2, Touré defined Romney as a musical genre, and Cindy McCain wore red. Oh, and someone stole my cell phone. Check it out after the jump.


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