Presidential Debates 2012: Some of the Best Celebrity Tweets of the Night

Tonight, Romney blinked like a meth addict and Obama shot the 47% bullet at the last second. The first presidential debate in Denver gave us an unemployed Big Bird and the town hall gave us a binder full of women. What's next for Obama and Romney? Talk of a Sesame Street Trapper Keeper? A Twitter fiend can only hope. 

As we sat patiently wooing and ahhing at the drama on the TV, we also kept up with what our friends and the celebrities of the world were saying in 140-characters. What follows are some of the best celebrity tweets of the evening. Enjoy. 

There isn't one person in the Twittersphere that's quicker with hilarious jokes than Chris Rock. This one poking fun at these mysterious "undecided voters" is perhaps the finest of the night. 

Local Cubanaso puppet Pepe Billete threw a few zingers in there. Very accurate on this tweet. Lorraine and Jeremy will appear on The Pauly D Project. 

As you can see, our 2 Live boy, Uncle Luke is thrilled to see Obama on the attack. 

This isn't exactly by a famous person as much as retweeted by one. I'm sure plenty of Wu-Tang fans agree. 

Also not by a star, but very much a commentary on our musical and political times. 

Q-Tip made a debate-related Jack Black joke. Pretty clever, no? 

This RT by ?uestlove shows some humor. Even though the drummer and DJ extraordinaire's default pic includes one of the candidates, dude's still able to laugh about his president. A liberal spirit indeed. 

If anyone missed the candidates responses to the question on gun control, find it and watch it now. While Obama encouraged education to limit gun violence, Romney suggested that if people who have children together get married, even if they don't like each other, they will help limit this grave problem. Mitt, the rest of the country just ain't like Utah. 

Diddy posted this around the same time. 

Again, Pepe Billete's assessment of the "regular folks" asking questions is spot on. It was actually Meilio Setefan who asked the final q. 

Carol City rapper Denzel Curry of the Raider Klan was watching the debate with his family. Is he old enough to vote? Don't matter, he's tuned in. 

(Note: Keep checking back on County Grind for our interview with Curry and others of the Raider Klan.)

A final assessment by Q-Tip. 

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