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Presidents of the USA

While the new President of the United States of America will have to contend with an economy in the toilet, a couple of wars, and whatever other global calamities are coming down the pike, the Presidents of the United States of America have a different message: These Are the Good Times People! That's the title of the Seattle trio's terrific (and sixth) new album, which delivers the same sort of whimsical, catchy power-pop/fun-punk spirit that catapulted PUSA to fame in the mid-'90s with tunes like "Lump" and "Peaches." There's another "new" President — "guitbassist"/vocalist Andrew McKeag — who replaces longtime member Dave Dederer (he left the group amicably a couple of years ago to spend more time with his family). But founding Presidents Chris Ballew (vocals/"basitar") and Jason Finn (drums) are still on board, and the threesome sounds wholly reinvigorated during this campaign, which has been a hell of a lot more fun and uplifting than that other campaign.

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