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Pretty Please Plays Both Little Munich and Monterey Club

Pretty Please's self-designations as power pop and experimental couldn't be more appropriate. At times, such as on "Leftover for the Dogs," the Miami four-piece approaches the sheer exuberance of grunge-era pop masters the Rentals. It's kinda nice when a band can take you back without making the '80s throw up all over itself.

The experimental aspect comes in on the haunting track "Sugarcane," in which whining violins, hushed vocals, and surf-tinged guitar sounds tiptoe along as if to creep up behind you. For a dose of sheer catchy prettiness, give "L.O.V.E." a listen.

Juan Oña drives the pop machine from his drum kit while the triple threat of frontwomen Didi Aragon on guitar, bassist Ana Farina Mackliff on bass, and synth/violinist Bavie Grafals weave vocal harmonies that range from the prettiness of Ladytron to the weirdness of the Knife. Aesthetically, the brown-haired foursome works a vibe that's a little geeky and a little glam, but they're not all that precious. When you see Aragon kick over Oña's drum set, you realize that Pretty Please, at least in spirit, is pure rock 'n' roll.

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Courtney Hambright

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