Primus Brings Primus in 3-D to the Fillmore Miami Beach on August 3

With Quad Surround Sound bolstering the heavy-handed slapback from the bass and tightly tuned snare-drum smacks, Primus will perform two sets a night on this tour. Presumably, at least one of these sets will be composed of tracks off the trio's latest effort, Green Naugahyde, produced by Claypool himself.

In news releases on the matter, the band compares its 27 years of self-described "pioneering efforts" to that of life-affirming musical acts like Frank Zappa and Pink Floyd. With the effort of incorporating the 3-D aspect into its work, it's hard not to flashback to nights at the science museum engrossed in Laser Floyd.

We're moved to ask what will the 3-D experience communicate to the acid-drenched brains of the now-30-somethings who grew up watching Woodstock '94 videos on MTV? Will it inspire a new wave of young jammers looking to shred their way to the top of an industry plagued with cheaper electronic hybrids? Will that hybridity result in some newly forming oscillator-tweaked jam bands?

Amid the sea of questions that arise from the repercussions of a 2012 Primus (in 3-D!), we can, at the very least, hope to hear some Primus songs of our youth as well. Below is a sampling of videos there's no doubt 3-D will enhance. Tripped-out house painters and surfboard makers from West Palm Beach will no doubt vibe out to this new and totally immersive Primus experience.

Primus-Wynona's Big Brown Beaver

Primus-My Name Is Mud

Primus-Tommy The Cat


Personal note: Beyond the snarky commentary, Primus is a guilty pleasure of mine, and upon watching the surrealist video for the single "Tragedy's A' Comin" off of the forthcoming Green Naugahyde album, I have yet again been tricked into seeing how much this band kind of rules.

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