Primus Slaps De Bass June 4 at the Fillmore Miami Beach; Our Five Favorite Songs

Just thinking about Primus makes it clear how bland the rock music world has become. There was a time, and it wasn't all that long ago, that MTV and radio stations played what some people  -- okay, maybe just one person, me -- affectionately refer to as "crazy people music." Primus was just such crazy people music. 

And though the band that defied the laws of musical tradition, song structure, and melody, Les Claypool and company still managed to score to platinum albums and a gold record in the early '90s!

We'd be hard pressed to find a band today that can blend absurdity and prog - rock - jazz - fusion - funk - metal to create radio-friendly hits. 

The fact that a band like Primus hasn't broken into the mainstream in about decade makes us realize that mainstream is a really thin stream of lukewarm piss. 

In anticipation of the frog brigade's South Florida show on June 4, here are five of our favorite Primus songs. We will post ticket sale date information as soon as we get it.

"Jerry Was A Race Car Driver"

"Frizzle Fry"

"Too Many Puppies"

"My Name Is Mud"

"Winona's Big Brown Beaver"

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