Prodigy vs. The Prodigy: A Primer

Booze and music trivia sometimes go hand in hand. Imagine that you're half way sloshed at your favorite speakeasy and (true to form) the tongue starts loosening up. The jukebox across the room sucks, and to pass the time, you start talking about your favorite bands.

Talking Heads (right on)

U2 (debatable)

Poison (alright I'll give you that)

REM (Dude, what's the name of that one song?)

B-52's (What are you gay?)

The Smiths (Oh okay, that answers the question)

Bad Brains (Nice!)

Prodigy (hell yeah)

Amongst mixed company, the conversation goes like this: "Dude, the Prodigy were like best fucking band out of Britain in the 90's."

A guy puts down his Henny and Coke and says, "Huh? Yo, son, the Prodigy aren't a band douchebag, it's homeboy from Mobb Deep!"

Offended, the first guy sets his La Fin Du Monde down on the table to defend his musical wit. "What? Naw buddy, you're confused, Prodigy is a group, not one person. Anybody should know that."

And then you're stuck. Here's some help


The Prodigy:

Hope that clears things up.

-- Jonathan Cunningham

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