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Projekt Revolution

With a concert festival named Projekt Revolution, there is an implied guarantee that madness will ensue at said event. Why? Only the truly mad would switch out the letter c for the letter k in the word Project. Consider it the illegitimate child who was conceived when Lollapalooza, Warped Tour, and Ozzfest had a ménage à trois after a long night of moshing, skanking, and smoking blizzunts. Linkin Park, Snoop Dogg, Korn, the Used, and Less Than Jake are the headliners, with Ghostface, Funeral for a Friend, M.O.P., and Downset rounding out the second stage. And they're all gonna put the "angst" in gangsta.

You must be thinking, "Is there really a need for another huge summer festival?" You wouldn't be alone. Maybe the bands are so consumed with madness that they required a new festival to show how mad they are. What if this is only the beginning of the revolution and the Linkin Parks and Korns intend to change all of the c's to k's across the nation? Across the world! It's an alphabetical revolution! This Projekt is mad, I tell you! Mad! -- Maggie-Margret

Check out Projekt Revolution at 2 p.m. Tuesday, August 17, at Sound Advice Amphitheatre, 601-7 Sansbury's Way, West Palm Beach. Tickets cost $35.50 to $49.50. Call 561-795-8883.

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