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Propaganda's Oil.Spill.Benefit and Surfer Blood's "You Know You've Made It When" Story

New Times Broward-Palm Beach Calendar Editor Mickie Centrone attends and details some of the finest -- and occasionally subpar -- events from a given week. On Wednesday, she donated 10 buckaroos to a good cause when she went to the Oil.Spill.Benefit at Propaganda in Lake Worth.

Just as the music world has spent their time feeding West Palm Beach-based band Surfer Blood's ego, the high school contingent in West Palm Beach (represented by two male groupies) planned their own more obsessive approach to show devotion. The date was set for  last week's 18-and-up Oil.Benefit.Show at Propaganda. Did the groupies have goals? Yes. Did they meet them? Hell yeah, they did. (1) They rubbed shoulders with Surfer Blood, a band that with one song ("Swim") changed the entire direction, shook the entire core of their high school band, the Stereotypical Jews. Before Surfer Blood they told me they were a jam band. And now? They are a Surfer Blood-influenced jam band. (2) Jared, the high schooler in khaki shorts, got the back of his white iPod, which is kept in casing for protection, signed by each member of the quartet. There's a fake iPod with U2's signatures on it out there, at least this is a real one, he told me. And (3) they saw Surfer Blood perform for the first time.

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Mickie Centrone

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