Propaganda's Summer Daze Essentials for 2014

We realize that it is only their second year, but it already feels like it wouldn't quite be summer without Propaganda's Summer Daze music series. The all-out block party is a culmination of pure energy -- from local music's finest offerings, skate competitions, and pools -- South Florida culture all comes together on J Street. It's basically summer camp for big people. Your same friends are there each time, and you indulge in a day full of activities until you basically pass out.

More than a good time though, Summer daze is important for your mental health. Prop cranks out bad ass shows all year, but Summer Daze is now an essential element in an increasingly blah season. Where else are we supposed to go in the summer that serves up this much fun?

This weekend kicked off the first of the three in the Saturday series. It was the full day dose we needed. While your sheer presence might be enough, here are a few more ways you can prepare for the next glorious seasonal jam -- day two with Lit.

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5. Beer

This one might be obvious, but it's especially important to note that the beer of which we write should not taste like water. Gone are the days of paying $12 for a shitty Bud Light at the Cruzan. The people behind Summer Daze know that the quality of your buzz is critical to your good time. The entire event is sponsored by Magic Hat who puts their stamp on the fest, not just by way of sweet giveaways (no one says no to free sunglasses) but serving up kegs of that good good.

Savvy drinkers take note: Poutine Dog cafe is also open on J Street serving a 3 taps of local libations in addition to a solid bottle selection. A good place to pretend you're taking a break from the chaos, but really just grabbing a beer.

4. Mad support, bro

This event is not for the weak, the out-of-towners or the wanderers. This is for the locals. The ones that care, the ones that go to Prop shows all year. It's our chance to give back and celebrate at the same time. It's a watering hole for people that give a shit about music in Palm Beach County. It's a special silo of South Florida happiness and only supporters need attend.

3. Ears

Please, for the love of all things human body, do not leave your ears at home. First of all, that would be very gross, and, we would imagine, also unsanitary. But more importantly, you'd miss all of the awesome music that makes Summer Daze what it is. By bringing in a national act, our local guys can play on a bigger stage, and they shine. Shorty the Giant, Project X, and Spred the Dub played their little hearts out for bigger crowds for which Badfish's crazy Sublime energy paved the way. If you didn't have ears, you would have missed it.

2. Your homies... or nah

It's not a party without your crew. With so much bang for your buck, it won't be hard to convince even your most preppy friends to take a dip in the Propaganda pool. The reggae heads will get just as much out of this event as the jam kids, it's a happy marriage. But on another note, it's a good event to wander solo. Lose your friends, make new ones. Show up without your friends, and the party is still yours for the taking.

1. A tank top

Nothing says summer time festival in South Florida quite like exposed shoulders. Who needs to be confined by the prison of sleeves when your arms have so much living to do? It's outside, there's reggae music, it's balls hot, wearing sleeves would be just plain wrong. Ultimately, this decision is up to you. But damn it, if you aren't wearing flip flops, the festival gods might make you pay.

Summer Daze Day 2 featuring Lit and the People Upstairs. Saturday, July 19, at Propaganda, 6 S. J St., Lake Worth. Advance tickets are $25, $35 at door. $45 for 2-day pass. Call 561-547-7273, or visit

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