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Protoman Drops New Track With New York City DJ Angston

Straight off the Black Locust Society "Sunshine State Tour," local hip-hop MC Protoman released a new track, "Live Fast," with New York DJ Angston. This song has next-level swag. Hip-hop meets EDM? There's oodles of dance potential here.

"Live Fast" has a party energy and touch of the experimental that is a departure from what Protoman typically puts out. "My direction is no direction," Protoman says, "I've been messing around more and more with other styles of production."

But, the maturity and commercial catch of "Live Fast" has us wondering why he's never attempted something like this before. "I'm not trend hopping," Proto asserts, "I'm just curious, I like the change, and I like the challenge."

Angston got an early start making music. The former South Floridian says, "I started programming beats when I was 16 or 17."

Angston told us, "About three or four months ago, I was

fucking around with some house drums and some samples and, a couple

hours into it, I just though 'Oh! This would be dope for Proto.

"I just wanted the track to sound like it had a very

reckless attitude." Within a week, Protoman sent the finished product

back and the two put it on the web.

Whereas most EDM producers chop and screw the majority of vox to fit the

beat and tempo, "I wrote and rapped to the whole track," Protoman

recalls, surprised that the final version had all the lyrics included,

"I was real inspired by the beat, we made it work.


certain we're going to make more songs like this," says the BLS rapper. "We

might have something new going with rap and EDM."

When we asked Angston what

future prospects are in the works for the Protoman and Angston collab, he

agreed with Proto's assertion, saying, "We're working on a track

called 'Emoticon' that'll be ready sometime in October.

"Hopefully, you know, someone will sign me, and I can be

doing Pepsi commercials like Nicki Minaj." While we're Coke people

ourselves, we wouldn't doubt this duo's potential for success. 

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Lizzie Rae

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