Protoman Gets "86'd" Artistically on New EP, Which Is Out Today

​ On the cover of his 86'd EP, conscious South Florida's rapper Protoman sends a mixed message with several examples of vice giving us bedroom eyes from that big, red no-no circle. Come sit over here, Crown Royal.

With Los Angeles producer Sebino providing the beat firepower, the EP digs into everything bad for us with pounding 808s and buzzy synths. In a MySpace posting, the concept is described thusly: "Used as a term for being banned, 86'd captures an untold & taboo

world of drug abuse, women, post-war psychotic-ism & pop culture."

We're bumping "Movie Star" right now, so this is obviously not painting

us like the hater in the artwork above, but it's probably necessary to

note that Proto is decrying said behavior. Otherwise, there are already

18,547 rap albums that capture (and glorify) drug abuse.

Cop the

"Movie Star" MP3, and hit iTunes

to get completely 86'd. More info at Protoman's


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