Protoman Reimagines Company Flow's "8 Steps to Perfection"

​The art of creating a fine cover song is highly underrated. Though playing someone else's song might seem simple, making it your own is a challenge.

Fort Lauderdale boy Protoman bravely took on the beats of a '90s original, Company Flow, and made a song that's 15 years old fresh again. He says he "decided to rap my face off on something special to me." Voila! "8 Steps to Perfection" came out special with a 954 style that can't be missed. There's no doubt he does the song justice.

Inspired by his teenaged years, when he was "doing drugs and learning how to rap," Protoman says this is a nostalgic song for him. The truth is everyone's got '90s hip-hop nostalgia right now. It's everywhere. 

He says of his rhymes on this track: "It's vintage yet full circle." Nicely said. Hear it here. 
The Black Locust Society, with Protoman, is throwing a Swap Meet on March 3 and its regular party on March 10 at the Swarm Warehouse, 500 SW 21st Terrace, Fort Lauderdale. 

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