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Prunk TV: Charlie Murphy Gets Stung, Rick Ross Does Film

Ladies and gentlemen, Prunk TV has a helluva guest today. After the credits, watch some bonus footage of Charlie Murphy in Miami.

He held out his hand and said, "I'm Charlie Murphy." I replied, "I'm Jason Handelsman." Directors, producers, actors, and publicists questioned my presence on this Queen Latifah movie set. "No cameras," said a pale-faced Miami hater. "Do you have a card?" asked fellow media hounds and executives. "He is fam," said Rick Ross as he patted my back. We'll get back to that in a minute.

I got a text from my boy, Ricky Ross yesterday: "Meet me @ Jose Marti." This text came straight from the Boss, so I hopped on the Palmetto and sped over to the location. My nostalgic mind was looking for any remnants of the Orange Bowl, since that was always my landmark for Jose Marti Park. I parked my car as some crusty dude approached. "The CIA knocked down the Orange Bowl in order to transport detainees from Gitmo," he said as I dropped two quarters into his dirty paper cup. "Miami is below sea level," I informed the Nick Nolte look-alike, "there is nothing underneath anything."

Michael Jackson played an amazing show in the Orange Bowl. But, I digress. I followed the gwip, straight to the door of Rick Ross' movie trailer. The door opened and there he stood, The Boss. He put his hand on my shoulder and smiled. "Whats up Steven Spielberg?" I could see a reflection of myself as our sunglass lenses met. Ross explained that they were filming Cookout 2 in Miami, and he had a cameo appearance. With a blunt in his hand, and his entourage on a leash, he stepped out of the bus and walked towards the movie set. At this point in the blog, dear reader, I recommend watching the above video. Its all about OG Charlie Murphy in the house right now! Again, make sure to check out the bonus footage. See ya.

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