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Prunk TV featuring DJ Khaled

When Lil Wayne said, "Miami is my home. I'm home, bitch.," it felt really good. I am a Miami native, born here. When Khaled mentioned that he had seen me on WSHH in the studio with Mack Maine and Kevin Rudolf, I felt like I just won a certificate of eligibility. 


I love Miami and I love the fact that Weezy and Khaled are both 305 transplants from New Orleans. New Orleans is so different than Miami, but both cities party hard as hell. Miami is just a better place with Cash Money in the house. Yo, Kevin thanks for the text Sunday night. The show was fucking sick. Bleidat!

Weezy, I am going to be honest here. Your guitar playing at Bank Atlantic Center was like Derek Bailey . Either do what Elvis did and just pose with an unplugged axe. Or, since I believe that you have the potential to be the living reincarnation of Jimi Hendrix....Let me give you some free guitar lessons. Dawg, I can teach you how to shred.

During the show Sunday night Weezy talked about God, sports, individuality, bowling, Randy Savage, mountain sized crack rocks, shooting himself in the chest, magnetic fields, and Vincent Van Gogh while his $200,000 diamond teeth showered the people with love. Thank you, Lil Wayne. For moving to Miami, and being real.

Btw, Happy Partriot Day. When 9-11-01 happened, I was working with these disabled people in New York City just a few blocks from the WTC and we watched. Bernard repeated the phrase, "Plane hit building" infinitely while clapping his hands and jumping up and down. The rest of us rocked back and forth while the smoke moved towards our windows and we prepared for Mama Death. Thousands of people were literally flying through the cool September morning while shards of glass floated in the air like diamonds. Lucy in the sky, you dig? As I watched, I felt a twitch behind my ears. I have not been the same person since 9/11/01. I was 8 years ago and I should stop talking about it and get over it. You are right, dear reader, I should. 

DJ Khaled went by the name "Arab Attack" until 9-11-01 and his hit-making studio is called Jerusalem. Some of us natives call Miami the "New Jerusalem". I mean, if Jesus were to come back, he most definitely would want to live here. 305. We the best! But not only that. Listen! Jerusalem by Sleep is one of my favorite albums of all time and I am listening to it as I write this blog. Jerusalem is also the shared capital city of Israel and Palestine.

So since Khaled is a Palestinian-American, and I am a Jewy jew jew, I told him about my idea for a reality show called Driving DJ Khaled (I made up the name, don't steal it you cyber thieves). Every time I see Khaled, he is driving his own Rolls Royce Phantom. Who the fuck drives their own RR? I will be like his Morgan Freeman, he will be like Ms. Daisy. Know what I'm sayin? C'mon Khaled. Lets take it to MTV! K. Foxx dipped on your ass, and we miss her. You need to pull some Flavor Flav shit, dawg. This is a subliminal message (please watch video above a million times).
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Jason Handelsman

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