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Prunk TV: GWIP (Your Name Here) We Rock

What would the world be like if Ozzy had never put that "vocalist seeks band" flyer in the record store, which caused soon to be guitar-god Tony Iommi to call him up? Ozzy joined Earth, which later became Black Sabbath, and the rest is Heavy Metal history. Do you feel me? I am talking about fate and destiny here.  

Attention all hipster crack head Van Halen people, death metal minstrels, composers of brown sugar, Sugar Hill delightful rappers, naked dancers from Chile, Neil Diamond impersonators, all attendees of the 2009 KISS Army Convention, electronic nerds on meth with all of their teeth, gay Jewish men with iphones who are turned on by hairy arms, Thug Jesus types, and anyone else searching for fame and fortune in the 305 vicinity. As Trick Daddy says, "Let the lock grow!" This means you! We are the future of Miami. This is Prunk TV, brought to you by Crossfade (an affiliate of Miami New Times and Village Voice Media).

I want to start a band with you all. And I am going to: There is a huge rehearsal space/ recording studio near Tropical Park, filled with amplifiers, keyboards, a PA system, two Pearl drum sets, and an analog recording booth. (see video above). Imo, it is the best and most affordable rehearsal studio in Miami (4 hours for $35). But I got you, dawg. You already know. This one is on me. They call 305 the Magic City for a reason.

The owner of the studio: producer/ manager/ open mic host, Jeff Sadowsky has set a challenge upon me: "If you can put a group together and write some good songs, I will get you some paid gigs around town." He continued, "Think of this studio as your canvas. You can practice and record here...who knows...maybe you'll win a Grammy." I have gratefully accepted his challenge, and I am hereby inviting you to join me. GWIP needs all of the above. I can't do it by myself. Jeff's studio is off the chain, and it has the potential to become Miami's own Electric Ladyland, Speaking of EARTH...

Art Basel and WMC will be here soon. Have you been watching Khloe and Kourtney Take Miami? Lil Wayne and Iggy Pop live in Dade County proper, Courtney Love. We are on the cusp of some sort of apocalypse at the bottom of the gun-shaped state. Listen! I have been all around the mud-sphere looking for a better place than my homeland (305), but there is no city better than My Jammy. Miami is world-class right about now. Miami is where my everlasting soul rests forever. 

Jeff runs a company called Music Talent Associates  which manages some of the best local bands, like Little Beard, The Israelites, Fooseball Death Squad, Ricky Williams, and more. He is going to manage GWIP, and you can be a part of it. Back in the day, Jeff produced some big hits for KC and the Sunshine Band. He has been working in the music biz since the late 60's. He saw Jimi Hendrix perform at Miami Jai Alai! Send me a tweet. For real. Call me. See ya.

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Jason Handelsman

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