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Prunk TV with Shonie and Drew Sidora

Def Jam is calling her the "next Mary J. Blige." At the same time, they are telling her to lose some weight for an upcoming video shoot. Her name is Shonie, and we met up over the weekend at Slip N Slide headquarters. Slip N Slide's VP, Julian "Ju-Boy" Booth was hanging out, we talked about Trick Daddy for a minute, and then I went to Publix with Shonie. She had to buy food for the strict new diet that some Def Jam nutritionist put her on. Sheesh...Def Jam should be telling Rick Ross to lose some weight, but he is a male rapper, so it doesn't matter.

After Publix, we ended up on the beach at Hed Kandi for some "networking party." Two days later, I was in the studio with Shonie and another new SNS artist, Drew Sidora. Here you get to see some behind the scenes footage of how a hit is made. Miami's Slip N Slide Records is, after all, "Home of the Hits."

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