PrunkTV: Ana Free, Roofless Records, Kevin Warhaft, and Women in Bikinis

There are many people in this world that know me as "Azar." This includes Matt, who runs Roofless Records and works at Sweat Records. And Shawn, who plays bass for The Heartstrings.

Sweat Records is a blessing. I stopped by the record store/art gallery/ venue/ cultural hub last night to install my artwork for Cremator 305 (this Friday!), and got to see the following awesome bands performing live: The Hearstrings, The Beings, and St. Dad (from Gainesville). As I watched The Heartstrings, I realized that I had met the bass player (Shawn) back in 2005 when I was living in Gainesville, recording the Ghost of Dirty demo, and eating food out of garbage cans. But that was last night.

Supa from G-Mash (Get Money and Stop Hatin') called me up a couple of days ago and was like, "Yo!" he continued, "We're gonna pick you up at 7. Ana Free is performing at The Raleigh." I was like, "Uh...Ok." I had no idea who Ana Free was, but now I know. In fact, I am wearing an Ana Free T-shirt while writing this blog. She knows the secret of the game: make some videos for YouTube which generate millions of hits and then kick off a tour of the U.S. in Miami. The first part of the above video is footage from that show, which was opened by a bunch by bikini models. After Ana's performance, I hypnotically followed her up to a hotel room, where she continued playing songs....as I video recorded her playing that Green Day song....I passed out on a couch in her hotel room, and I had this dream that I was in this crazy reality show called 'Couch Surfing Alien'. Its about this guy (me) with a Flip video camera....um...staying on couches all over Miami. Wow...what if that dream came true? Anyone?

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You will be rewarded exponentially for taking part in this conceptual paranormal art experiment, titled: Couch Surfing Alien. Some of you may be allowed to visit the space ship with me. But that is not up to me. The Aliens will ask you, "Are you sure that you wish to enter the space ship?" You must say "yes" without a moment's hesitation. Now please, enjoy the above video.Then, approach me at your convenience this Friday night at Sweat Records to discuss my visitation of your living quarters for this reality show. Thank you. Stay up!

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