PrunkTV: Totally Guitarded, Floor, and Maybach Music Events All Coming Up

"You like to eat girls out who just peed...wtf?"

It seems like just yesterday that I was at Uncle Luke's house talking about Rick Ross being a former C.O. Man, time flies. And to think that Mr. Campbell now has a weekly column on this very website. Last week he said, "I am usually at clubs like LIV, rapping about the birds and the bees for white people. I don't go to places where I am going to need a gun." Hey Luke, ever heard about what happened to Dimebag Darrell? White people do bring guns to clubs, bars, schools, etc... and white people do shoot. Does the word Columbine ring a bell?

I ran into Gordi at Churchill's last night, who informed me of this awesome new event that he is involved with: Taco Farts presents Totally Guitarded. The name is enough to make you wanna pop some percs and attend. It's at Bar (formerly PS14) on April 7 and includes DJs John Vale, Sex Offender, Gordi, and others. You know you wanna go.

Floor at Churchill's this Saturday night? What? Back in 1992 I saw the Melvins on their Bullhead Tour, and it altered the course of my life forever. I bought a Bullhead cassette at the show and listened to it constantly for about three years. Melvin's Bullhead is the greatest rock and roll album of all time! In 1993 or 94, I saw Miami's Floor for the first time at a now defunct venue somewhere in Coconut Grove that had punk rock shows (I don't remember what it was called). That night, The Crumbs, Cavity, and Floor played. While the latter band caused my brain to divide itself into billions of tiny cells, I remember thinking, "sounds a lot like the Melvins, therefore I like them." Floor had a number of line-up changes over the years and eventually evolved into Torche, or something like that. Anyway, the band Floor is having a reunion with three of their different original line-ups and three different sets at Churchill's this Saturday night.

Also this Saturday night, I am going to some "secret" Maybach Music party with Rick Ross and Magazeen. I can tell you where it is if you leave a comment below with your email.

Miami is like a mother to me. Miami is like my baby. I have 305 tattooed on my skin. Ghost of Dirty is having a reunion! Elliott and I have been rehearsing at Churchill's and you can see some footage on the above video. Q: Is this shameless self-promo or does it adhere to the strict code of "d.i.y." ethics?

For those that asked about Lil Wayne's address, from what I have heard he is still at Rikers and will be there for about a month or so before he is moved to the pen in upstate NY. You can click on the link for the address and just put "Lil Wayne" Carter on the envelope. Whoever sorts out the mail will probably make sure that he gets it....We miss you, Weezy! Get Prunked.

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