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PrunkTV: We Are Sexual Perverts

There is so much awesome shit going on in Miami at the moment, you just gotta love it mang.

Thank you God, for making this the city of my birth! Speaking of God, there is this awesome new local sludge-band called Consular, and they sound kinda like Eyehategod. They are playing at a benefit show for a new D.I.Y. venue (1388 SW Eighth Street, Miami) this Friday with: Estorbo Social, Ass Piss, and others. Click here for more info. Tonight at Churchill's, local performance artist Cathleen Chambless will read some of her angst filled poetry around 11, and I will be in the front row. Speaking of Churchill's, in the video above, Nestor of OPS/ Destroyio Records talks about the historic venue, and reminds us that punk rock is still kicking in da 305.

The deadline for the Knight Arts Challenge was 9 a.m. this morning, and I sent my application in. Anyone else out there apply? Good luck! Sweat Records won last year, and rightly so. As local artist, and Miami Light Project recipient Jillian Mayer recently stated, "Without Sweat, there would be a huge void in Miami." That is the double truth, Ruth. Have you tried the store's fair-trade coffee? Have you perused their incredible book section? Have you noticed the Cremator 305 installation dangling on the wall above the fish tank? If you were at the Cremator 305 opening reception last week, you experienced Thrash or Die. But hold on one cotton-pickin' minute.

The fucking greatest Metal band ever, WASP (We Are Sexual Perverts) is playing at the Culture Room this Wednesday night, and Hialeah Speed Metal masters, Thrash Or Die landed an opening slot on the bill. William Barter aka Hell Vomit Sodomizer, the band's axe-grinder, recently informed me that the he is going to use pyro-technics at the upcoming show. "I am going to set myself on fire actually," he said, "I have not slept for almost three days, and I feel like committing suicide on stage before WASP." Lol (?).

I went for a ride last night in my friend's convertible through the streets of downtown Miami. This city is magic. It has secrets. End.

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Jason Handelsman