Punk Band Asspiss Forced to Move Show, Sad About Being Misunderstood

Life isn't easy when you're a band called Asspiss. And the hardcore punk quartet felt the burden of such a name yesterday, when a show was canceled because of it. Booked to play Lake Worth restaurant-by-day/alleged new hot music spot-by-night Little Munich tonight with bands Kill Now?! and Bartholin, Asspiss reportedly got the axe after Little Munich's owner Gabi Doll-Kachler fielded complaints from customers about several posters with the band's name throughout the restaurant, according to Kill Now?!'s Jason Johnson, who also booked the show.

The three bands will now play at J&P's Sports Bar & Grill around 9 p.m.

The show was canceled yesterday, with Kachler apparently telling Johnson she "didn't want her establishment associated with [Asspiss]." Though it's a tad ironic that customers didn't feel Kill Now?! was uncontroversial for kids to see, as well as the irony that Lake Worth's new spot for all things indie won't book a band called Asspiss.

"I had heard rumors that they were going to cancel the show," Johnson said, "but Kachler never contacted me so I thought they were just that: rumors."

According to Johnson, Kachler first called him Wednesday to say she had to take the posters down, but didn't mention that she was canceling the show. Then Thursday, it was officially canceled.

"It would've been nice if she would've canceled it earlier," Johnson said.  

Aside from the name, Asspiss has garnered a reputation for rowdiness. Lake Worth spot Brogues banned them after something caught on fire at the venue during their set. Allegedly, fire extinguishers were involved. When I asked band member Germ Warfair if the band stopped playing during the episode, he, with typical punk snarl, replied. "No! We just kept going." However, he pointed out that they weren't the only band booked at that show, and claims they were unfairly singled out: "Really? You want to ban my band Asspiss because of the name?"

Respectable Street also reportedly banned the band for showing up late -- not because of the name. The Clematis spot has since reversed its position.

According to band members Chris Bell and Germ, their reputation as a band and subsequent reports are wildly exaggerated. The band plays regularly down in Miami without a problem. "Everybody [in Miami] loves us," Bell said. "It's sad we have to leave our town. A Lake Worth band can't play in Lake Worth."  

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Erica K. Landau