Punk Band The Shakers Play Two Shows for Friday the 13th

The Shakers.jpg
If you're nostalgic for the punk of the '90s, when it still had some muscle (despite the osteoporosis that was setting in), catch Margate punk band The Shakers, a group that formed in 1994 and whose blend of punk and hardcore would have been an appropriate addition during the Warped Tour's early years.

The band's latest effort Good Enough falls somewhere between a raspy Fenix TX and the Bouncing Souls, and includes a lot of brawny punk tunes buzzing with major chords, rapid-fire drumming, and the gruff vocals of Pat Stahl, who sounds a little less abrasive (or more abrasive depending on how you look at it) than Rancid's Matt Freeman.

The Shakers will play two shows Friday, the first of which will be at music-community staple Radio-Active Records (1930 E. Sunrise Blvd.). The show starts at 8 p.m., and is free. Everymen will also perform, and there will be an in-store appearance by Yacht. The second show, at Roy's (8000 W. Sample Road) in Margate, starts at 11 p.m. It's a bar, so admission is only for 21 and up. It's also free.

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Erica K. Landau