PureHoney's Tenth Issue Is Floating Around the Web and South Florida, Complete with Mixtape and Artwork

Every self-respecting Music fanatic living in South Florida needs to be carrying around a copy of PureHoney with them everywhere they go. Everywhere. You wouldn't want to miss any bands that come down this way because you were ill-informed. PureHoney -- which exists both online and in print -- offers a comprehensive list of shows in the tri-county area. From North Palm Beach to Miami, this periodical is also littered with articles about upcoming musical events, has a charity benefit feature, and even folds out to display a poster more than worthy of your wall.

Steve Rullman creates these free monthly gems and also runs TheHoneyComb.com. This past week, the tenth edition hit the web and indie-hotspot newsstands. Rullman also creates a mixtape with 12-tracks -- free to download -- which accompany the journal. He curates them based on music he enjoys. "Sometimes bands I've just discovered,

sometimes local, sometimes bands I've always loved or have previously

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booked," he says of the music. It's an actual mix. 

This month's centerfold was created by Delray Beach artist Erika Taguchi-Newton. Rullman says he's met the artist a couple of times, and he is, "really excited about this month's poster. I've admired Erika's art for

almost a year and have been dying to share her work with others." He calls it, "amazing." Rullman is also particualrly excited about a few shows this month, including last weekend's Deaf Poets 7" release and Explosions in the Sky at Grand Central on June 20, also further off, Built to Spill at Culture Room and M83 at the Fillmore - in October and September, respectively. Keep clicking to hear the mixtape right here and see what's on Steve's mind. 

To place an ad in PureHoney, click here.

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