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PureHoney's Third Anniversary Reminds Us to "Bee Authentic"

PureHoney Magazine's Steve Rullman shared with us quite a few nuggets of good advice when we spoke with him earlier this week. His independently produced print music guide, peppered with quality articles and interviews, is celebrating three wonderful years of informing you music freaks on where to go and what to do in South Florida for a good time.

PureHoney isn't some precious thing you pick up to simply admire -- though it always has a rad poster hidden in its belly -- it's also very functional. Considering it's deliciously thriving in the age of the internet, we advise you take Rullman's sage words to heart.

"Authenticity is key," Rullman says. "I love turning people on to sweet junk I come across." And PureHoney is truly authentic. It displays the finest aspects of our community and Rullman's own refined tastes. He's curating a scene of his own, in a way, through this foldout publication.

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"I have trusted Steve's musical ear since the late '90s with TheHoneycomb.com," says Stitch Rock founder and co-owner of Ink and Pistons Tattoos Amanda Linton. She advertises in the magazine and assures, "PureHoney is always fresh and filled with the best local events." So have a little faith in the guy.

Rullman also acts as a creative consultant and does work building coalitions. "I'd rather work with people than compete with people," Rullman admits. Recently, he advised on a new Miami magazine about street art, Talking Off the Wall, and also is working with South Florida Fright Nights. We asked for some tips he'd give those interested in doing their own print thing.

"If you're doing it for the money, don't. That's just crazy," he says. "It's gotta be something you love, and you'll need to actually have the time to do it. You've got to honestly believe in it. If your gut is saying it will work and your gut is usually right, go for it."

It's not all a tasty romp in the park, though, sometimes things can get sticky. "Prepare for lots of headaches, and be willing to make plenty of mistakes. Be able to procure the funding necessary. Build a dependable team." The key is patience and perseverance. "If you truly believe in your concept, you know it's solid, stick with it and it will happen."

Rullman is always working on a bunch of things at once. He's started playing music again in recent years. He's working to promote other bands and even started his own label, Camp Thunderbee. Though still in the incubation stage, he's already partnered with Cheap Miami to put out a Sweet Bronco cassette.

And if you've been consuming coffee in the tricounty area, you may have seen PureHoney honey on the shelves. Yes, actual honey. The stuff bees produce. Rullman hopes to someday "have some bees, manage some hives" because, he jokes, "everyone needs some PureHoney." It's all from Florida, and he gets it from a friend. Rullman also is looking to open up his own art complex where he can make all this and more magic happen, but he needs financial backing from another art lover (hint, hint).

Though he's a Palm Beach County guy, he says, "I'm looking at the bigger picture. I'm looking at the entire state." He's been traveling around Florida, visiting a bunch of festivals with Sweet Bronco. "It would be cool if we could start doing more for bands down here." Rullman brought up the Lolipop Tour coming to Respectable Street on September 13 and Gramps in Miami the next night. It includes four bands on the Echo Park-based Lolipop Records. This sort of scene forming around a central group of acts is something Rullman believes is transferable. "I think we can do that as a community in South Florida as well. I personally love building bridges and working with people and bouncing ideas off people."

The PureHoney anniversary taking place at Respectable Street tonight includes bands not just from Broward, Dade, and Palm Beach counties but also from Martin County. "The counties north of us, they're actually wishing they could develop a bridge between those counties and Palm Beach County," he explains. Rullman sees bands working together these days and also a fluidity growing among the counties. "I don't think the actual scene itself matters. I mean, you can create a scene and set your own tone and make your community a lot better."

"PureHoney is one of the only constant sources of direct entertainment information that the area has available anywhere you go," says Harold's Coffee Lounge's Daniel Warren. "The amount of work Steve puts into this project really shows... Steve is one of the most effective owners I have ever dealt with when it comes to advertising; he's on the streets, in the bars and clubs, and at most events to show his support. This hands-on approach is hard to find in this day and age."

Rullman also seems deeply thankful for all the help he's gotten from his writers, the folks who distribute the mag, artists who create the posters (like Nathaniel Dias, Dave Berns, Danny Brito, and Adam Sheetz), and advertisers. And if you want to step out and show PureHoney a little gratitude, you can do so tonight and catch Roadkill Ghost Choir, Sweet Bronco, Plastic Pinks, Jude, Gravel Kings, the Alleys, and the Psymatics.

We rally behind Warren when he says, "Long Live PureHoney!"

PureHoney Magazine's Three Year Anniversary with Roadkill Ghost Choir, Sweet Bronco, Plastic Pinks, Jude, Gravel Kings, the Alleys, and the Psymatics. 8 p.m. Friday, August 29, at Respectable Street, 518 Clematis St., West Palm Beach. Free show. Visit the Facebook event page, PureHoney's website, and read more about Camp Thunderbee.

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