Pyramid Club Takes Over Mokai Wednesday

​It seems like it was only yesterday that Alexis Mincolla and Sam Baum spoke to us about this concept they had called Overthrow, in which every now and then they would take over a venue and put on one badass party. That was then, but now they've arguably turned into a legitimate party crew with established weekly shindigs which include Friday's Misfit party at Louis and White Room's Saturday party Arcade.

Overthrow used to have a hand in LIV's Wednesday night Dirty Hairy, but a few months ago they seemed to all but disappear from any promotion coming out of the Fontainebleau's megaclub. Maybe it's because they are getting cozier with the Opium Group.

How cozy? Well, enough to be trusted to launch a new Wednesday night at Mokai called Pyramid Club. The party features DiscoTech, which is Danny Daze's side project with Midwesterners Joe Maz and Gigamesh, and Overthrow staple Troy Kurtz.

According to the invite, the cult party starts this Wednesday. We guess that means, er, surprise! Mokai opens back up this week.

Bonus random observation: Alexis Mincolla got a mention on blog giant Gawker yesterday. Yes, it makes us feel a bit proud.

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