Q&A: A Game of Either/Or With Peaches, Who Plays Revolution This Friday

Peaches has, among other things, a (relatively) new LP (I Feel Cream), a new clip (for the song "Take You On"), a new band (the Berlin-based Sweet Machines), and a new tour. That last one brings her to Revolution this Friday, November 6. It also gave New Times a chance to play a quick game of "Either/Or" with the electroclash superstar when we chatted with her recently. Read a longer account of that chat here, and check out how the game played out, below.

New Times: ESG or L'Trimm?

Peaches: That is so hard but I have to take ESG. I mean I love ESG so much. Their early stuff is just perfect. And I've seen them lately too and it's just amazing that they're carrying on the tradition with their daughters. I love ESG so much.

MIA or Santigold?

I've got to pick MIA.

Lady Gaga or Pink?

Next question.

Ladytron or Ladyhawke? 

Oh well. That's my girl. MIA is - I knew her before she was MIA. I feel like a proud grandma when I think of MIA. And Ladyhawke, we have collaborated together and I did do a remix for her. She is a fantastic amazing musician.  

Veruca Salt or Bikini Kill? 

Bikini Kill. [laughs]

Britney or Christina? 


I had to throw in a fluffy one.

Is that why you tried to throw in the Gaga/Pink? 

A little bit. I thought you had done something with Pink. 

Yeah, I have. Should I just say Pink? 

Did you do a remix or you co-wrote a song with her?

I was on her third album.

She's pretty cool right? 

She's a cool person, yeah. 

That's what I heard. 

When she wanted to have me on her album she was writing me like, "I'm not just some chick with a good voice. Come on!" It was cool.

Peaches, Friday, November 6, at Revolution, 200 W. Broward Blvd., Fort Lauderdale. Show starts at 8:30 p.m., tickets cost $17. 954-727-0950, jointherevolution.net


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