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Lil Bub is quite possibly the cutest fucking animal on this planet. And if you've never seen the Indiana based "perma-kitten" you're totally missing out. Lil Bub was born (not bred!) as a dwarf, toothless, polydactyl feline. Basically, she'll remain tiny, with a whole lot of extra toes forever and ever. Lil Bub might not look like your typical domestic house pet, but you can bet that she is the most magical cat you'll ever lay eyes upon. 

Recently, back from a trip to Good Morning America in New York City, Lil Bub answered a few of our questions (via email) on her daily life, favorite band, and how she feels about the LOLcats. Read the interview after the jump.

Q&A: Internet Sensation Lil Bub Spills the Cat Food on Her Love of Rush and Bjork

New Times: How are you today? What's a typical day in the life of Lil Bub?

Lil Bub: Hello. It's me, BUB. I'm doing just fine, thank you for asking. My day is generally pretty amazing. I gaze out of the window on my dude's bed until he wakes. The he takes me off the bed and places me by my food dish. Then he fills the food dish. Then I feast on the best food money can by. This is followed by playing with a rope. Then I relax until it is time to eat again. At the end of the day my dude carefully places me on the bed so I can sleep beside him and gaze out of the window. Repeat!

We heard you're really into the band Rush, what's your favorite song or album? 

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I love RUSH but I only know one song. "Tom Sawyer." It is my favorite.

How has your life changed since becoming an internet sensation? 

You know, a little bit. I get to travel now. Also I have this weird new room with wheels. And also I get some really amazing medicine that makes me feel like a million bucks. And my food magically got more delicious! 

You were recently on Good Morning America, what did you like best about New York City? 

Their Reubens.

Any celebrity cats that you're particularly fond of? 

My heart belongs to the only cat worthy of my affection, he is my boyfriend. His name is SMOOSH

Do you think the I Can Haz Cheeseburger memes are totally lame? 

Pretty much. It seems as though the cats on your planet suffer from a lack of intellect.

What's your favorite music video that has cats in it? 

Definitely Bjork's "Triumph of the Heart". The cat in this video is SO HOT. Also I love weird stuff, and this video is pretty darn weird. Oh, Bjork.

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