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Q&A with Prince Terrence of Heartsrevolution

Heartsrevolution perform at The Vagabond Sunday.
When Scion's Kitsuné CD release party comes into The Vagabond Sunday, Brooklyn duo-turned-trio Heartsrevolution will be doing a rare live performance in Miami. Crossfade spoke with the band's newest member Prince Terrence about the band's full-length debut, the Heartschallenger and Hipster Runoff.

New Times: So funny thing, before this interview, I was hanging out with [Poplife's] Jake Jefferson and he was reading a text message from you that said you were being interviewed by somebody from Miami. I said, "Yea, that would be me."

Prince Terrence: Yea, Jake is awesome.

NT: I know you've were here not too long ago when you spun at Poplife, but its been a long time since Heartsrevolution has played Miami.

PT: It was last Winter Music Conference.

NT: Was it?

PT. Yea.

NT: What can we expect from the band as far a live performance?

PT: We have some new songs this time that are going to be on our full-length record that we are releasing this summer. The songs are a little different then the one's people have previously heard. I'm excited to play those live.

NT: I heard your new track "Ultraviolence" and compared to your previous singles "C.Y.O.A" and "Switchblade" I would say it's definitely more polished. Is this the route the band is going on with its new material?

PT: Not really, "Ultraviolence" is a song that we've had for a while but never had the chance to release it in a proper format. It just kind of just worked out that way.

NT: I know the track was release through Kitsuné. Are you also releasing your full-length through them?

PT: Yea, that's what we're are doing right now. It should be out this summer if everything goes as planned.

NT: On the single, you got the remix treatment by Spank Rock, Chateau Marmont and Vitalic. How did the band hook up with them?

PT: I'm not sure, since that's more Ben and Leila's thing, but I've played drums live for Spank Rock also, so I kind of got him involved with this whole thing.

NT: Are you bringing the Heartschallenger to Miami?

PT: We actually have a truck stored in Miami, so there is always one there, its just a matter of us coming down. I think it will be out for this show, but I'm not too sure if it will be out for Winter Music Conference.

NT: Me and the music editor [Arielle Castillo] have an unheathly obsession with the Web site Hipster Runoff. I don't know if you read it, but the blogger Carles whenever he gives a multiple choice answer he always closes it with "C.Y.O.A." In fact, he featured the "C.Y.O.A." T-shirt heavily on the site because of the tweens that were wearing it.

PT: That shirt caught on in a real crazy way. It almost seems like it has its own identity seperate from the band.

NT: Finally, what can we expect from the full-length?

PT: It's cool because since I wasn't there from the beginning of the band I can put a little bit of my opinion on the direction of the music. I think the music is different this time around because it's a little more agressive. There are even some songs that are way, way punk -- liike really punk.

NT: Anybody of interest who is working on the album as well?

PT: I think Spank Rock is going to do another song. We are also working with Mark Ronson on a track. We want to get a lot of people involved, we want to branch out and not make it seem like Heartsrevolution is just a band. I like to think of it as more of a movement. That's why we like working with a lot of other people.

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