Q&A with Tom Gorrio and James Bratton of Radar vs. Wolf; Playing at Sweat Records on Saturday

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James Bratton and Tom Gorrio are a force to be reckoned with. They've only been a Miami band since February, and they've already scheduled an 18-city tour for the summer. But first the former Call it Radar and Boy and the Wolf bandmates want to get their feet wet in the Magic City with a Miami show at Sweat Records this Saturday. The quirky duo behind Radar vs. Wolf chat with the New Times on name changes, party planning and what's in store for Radar vs. Wolf--sideways smiles and all.

Radar Vs. Wolf with Danielle Steele and Boy Have Heart! on Saturday,

May 8th at Sweat Records, 5505 NE 2nd AVE, Miami at 8 pm. Free

admission for all ages. Visit www.sweatrecordsmiami.com.

New Times: What made you guys come up with the idea to collaborate and literally join bands?

James: We felt that the difference in Tom's playful yet mature style, and my down to earth, nitty-gritty style layered well together.
Tom: Which naturally lead to combining names.

So I heard you guys planned this whole event for Saturday. How did that come about?

Tom: We needed a debut show to let Miami know there's a new band in

town. The place that suited our style best was Sweat Records. Once the

venue was booked, we found the best local acts that would complement

the night. Calling the show a "party" was actually initiated by a good

friend who made us realize that it's a celebration.

So you guys pick out the rest of the band line-up for the party at Sweat? How'd that work exactly?

Tom: Yeah, we picked out the line-up! Danielle Steele was uttered a

bunch from the local kids that go to shows here, and Boy Have Heart has

become a good friend of ours after having played together at one of his


What kind of show do you guys have planned for Saturday?

James: A fun and entertaining showcase of what Miami indie music has to offer.

So then when is your next tour slated for? Any cities in particular you're hitting?

Tom: Our next tour is scheduled for mid-June to mid-July, 18 dates in

18 cities, including Nashville, Chicago, Austin, and Baton Rouge.

Any plans to go back to your original bands? Or is Radar vs. Wolf now the permanent band?

Tom: A wise man will tell you to leave the past behind and...

James: look forward to Radar vs. Wolf ;)

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.