Q&A with Treasure Fingers


Treasure Fingers: the man with the magic fingers.

Tonight, Fool's Gold Records invades White Room to celebrate the release of its two-disc Scion A/V compilation Fool's Gold Remixed. Last time the Fool's Gold DJs -- Nick Catchdubs, Nacho Lovers, Treasure Fingers and Jokers Of The Scene -- gave the decks at White Room a workout it was for the label's Winter Music Conference party that featured surprised appearances from A-Trak, MSTRKRFT, Chromeo, Boys Noize and more. Unfortunately, with big names popping into the party, it meant they got relegated to opening DJ status with very short set times. But this time they are back in the Magic City as the main attraction.

We decide to catch up with arguable the label's breakout superstar DJ/producer Treasure Fingers, whose record "Cross The Dancefloor" has been able to defy its indie cult status and crossover to bonafide dancefloor hit. We found out a little more about the man behind those "treasured fingers," his recent brush with popularity, the Scion release and what to expect in 2009.

New Times: First of all, glad to hear you are coming back to Miami. We had a great time last time you were here, which was WMC. But first, let's start with the basics: how did you get your start as a DJ/producer?

Treasure Fingers: I started really young on my dad's drum machine, because he played in bands, and he had a couple of keyboard and drum machines, and I learned with that. But I didn't start to focus on it until '97 or '98 and I was in a band and we had just broken up, so I went to that to fill the void of making music and the fact that I didn't need a band to depend on.

NT: Did you start out DJing at a certain party?

TF: It was mostly just one-off raves. I grew up in Oklahoma and I would play in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas -- around that area.

NT: It says on your MySpace you are based out of Brooklyn/Atlanta, did you move?

TF: Yea, I moved to Atlanta and I was there for the past seven or eight years, and then I just moved to Brooklyn two or three months ago.

NT: Your single "Cross The Dancefloor" has exploded since the last time you played Miami. It's amazing house widely accepted it is across the scenes. It started at these indie/electro parties, but now we are hearing it everywhere. Are you surprised by its success?

TF: Yea. I didn't expect anything really to happen with it, and really I planned to make it more of a full song with more versus and stuff like it, and then some blogs leaked it and it kind of took off. Fool's Gold then heard it and signed it and -- yea, it's been pretty crazy.

And yea, it crossed different genres I've noticed. I've heard indie DJs play it and house DJs --

NT: Laidback Luke remixed it, and he is a pretty big house DJ.

TF: Yea, once all the remixes got done, I've heard a different range of DJs that play it out now. It's been pretty shocking to me but I lovin' it, obviously [laughs].

NT: Can we ask you who does the vocals? It's always sort of bothered us not knowing who it is singing.

TF: The male vocals is me and the female vocals is my girlfriend.

NT: You first came to our attention when you did the remix of Fergie's "Glamorous." Was that commissioned?

TF: I just did it but I had come contacts at Interscope. I just did it one day messing around and I talked to them, but the single had already been out for a while so it was kind of late to push any remixes so they didn't do anything with it, so I kind of went out on my own just to get the remix out there.

NT: Well, we think its an improvement on the original. Then again, it wasn't to hard to improve something that was pretty bad to begin with.

TF: [laughs]

NT: But going back to what we touched on earlier, you were last here during WMC -- in fact, everyone who was on the bill during WMC is back for this event. A lot of people agree that the Fool's Gold WMC party was a definitely highlight for the week-long event. What was your time like when you were here for WMC?

TF: Yeah, that party was definitely one that went off. It was weird because we were kind of warned ahead of time that everybody would be playing short slots and that there would be special guests showing up. But yeah, it was crazy who all came through and played, and even people who came through and hung out. It seem like everyone was at that party.

NT: Since all of you are coming back, how is it going to be different from your WMC appearance?

TF: I don't know, I'm hoping it's just as crowded. It seems like it would be a little harder since it's not Winter Music Conference. But Scion is behind it, and it's a free show, and it's 18 and up -- if it's as crowded as last time, it's going to a crazy party for sure.

And I think everyone playing now can get a little more into their sets and kind of build -- you know, do a proper set this time, because last time it was kind of rushed. You had 20-25 minutes to bang out whatever you could.

NT: How long have you been signed to Fool's Gold?

TF: I'm not signed exclusive, it was just the "Cross The Dancefloor" single. I have been talking to them about doing another single pretty soon.

NT: What's your involvement with the Scion compilation? Did you have any input?

TF: No, not really. I mean, they hit me up saying it would be on the mix and on the second CD. But I thought they just used the Laidback Luke Remix [for the second disc], but [Nick Catchdubs] actually mixed the original into the remix. And then it's featured again in the remixed CD with the Chromeo Remix. It's kind of cool being on it three times [laughs].

NT: What's in store for you for the rest of the year?

TF: Well, obviously the Scion tour in October and CMJ is coming up -- got a big Fool's Gold party in New York for that. And then November is kind of light, going to work on some new music and take a week off to visit some family and probably the same in December. I'm just trying to work on new music.

NT: Are you going to release a full-length?

TF: Yeah, that's what I'm working on. I'm probably going to put out a single first and then maybe just an EP just to keep things out there. But definitely, next year I'm going to pushing a full-length out somewhere.

Fool's Gold with Nick Catchdubs, Nacho Lovers, Treasure Fingers and Jokers Of The Scene, White Room (1306 N Miami Avenue, Miami) tonight; Free with RSVP at; 18+.

-- Jose D. Duran

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