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¿Que Pasa, M.I.A.? En Miami La Fiesta is Tight with Basside

I've been driving around town listening to one song. Non-stop. And, if you know me, that's pretty normal; usually the one song is one of my songs. This time the song is "Booty Shorts" by Basside. I swear, if anyone ever asks me what my favorite band is, the answer is "me." I am tempted (not in the usual physiological/sensual way) to say that I have a new favorite band. Pero, no, I cannot say that. I must say this: I have a new favorite band that is not me. And it is Basside.

Basside, just like Miami's most famous tourist shopping mall Bayside, is beautiful, dangerous and in a class of it's own. The two young ladies in this group are so badass that they will invite themselves and all their friends over to your house. They will trash the place. They will steal your beer and Galleticas Hilda, and you will love it. Metaphysically. 

When they came over my house on Saturday, after a three-hour shopping binge in Flamingo Plaza (where they charmed their way into some free jewels, earrings and necklaces). They were hard at work. Writing lyrics. Vetoing those that weren't offensive in the right way, and applauding those that are guaranteed to offend properly.

The offenders in question are Carolina Villalba and Linda Attias. Watching these two in action makes me think of what it must've been like to see the Beastie Boys when they were writing License to Ill. They're not the typical hip-hop group, but they were born to rhyme.
They've played live twice, and in both performances they seemingly came out of nowhere and made everyone love them. At Debbie's, from Avenue D (and Linda's sister), Secret Garden Party, they came out after the Miami Bass Warriors and stole the show. At a recent Palm Trees show in Atlanta they jumped on stage to perform (their soon to be hit) "Booty Shorts" and made the ATL love MIA bass again.

With lyrics like "we don't pay cover, we don't wait in line, boys buy us drink, cuz they know we fine" they're not being arrogant, they're just being themselves. Y, excuse me for the cursing, these ladies say and do as they please. Te lo juro, these young ladies are going to show planet earth why "en Miami la fiesta is tight."

Basside "Booty Short" (José El Rey's Uninvited Remix):

Click here to download.

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Jose el Rey