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¿Que Pasa, M.I.A.? Getting Friendly with Friendswithyou

Bro, everyone is trying to be cool. And act all tough. And act like they don't know me. How did this happen? When did people stop smiling? People have told me that the transition between childhood and adulthood is rough, harsh and loaded with disillusionment. Not the case for me, I have stayed firmly grounded in 1989. Firmly grounded in politeness and hand shaking and cheek kissing and hugging and opening doors for ladies and not getting mad when they slap me for going to far.

Seven years ago, I was at bounce house party at Arturo Sandoval III's house in Miami Springs. We were all way too old to be slip and sliding and bouncing off the walls of the dragon themed castle. We are all far to mature to be giggling and starting pilitas. Hours later, we were resting in Tury and his wife Mel's living room. Tury and (Friendswithyou partner in joy) Sam Borkson were sitting Native-American style and admiring a black penguin like toy named Malfi. Sam admitted to me that, he and Tury designed this little guy and that there were many more to come. 

These guys had a master plan from the very start, according to Tury, "We want to redesign and remake belief systems. It's the re-branding of spirituality." I thought they were just cool toys, but this deep espiritual take on their creations feels right.

Art Basel 2008 at their Fun House inside of Scope, I was all smiles and loaded with joy. The thing they do keeps me out of myself and just like when I say confession to the priest, it makes me feel as light as a silk scarf.

"We're dead serious about it," Sam let know. There's a child-like innocence in everything Friendswithyou does. Don't question their motives -- just accept. This is neat. This is honest. This makes me smile.  Sam and Tury are always smiling. With reason. They cross from the land of make believe the land of make you believe with self-assurance and grace. They are empowered by the principles of magic, luck and friendship.

This Thursday, your friends Friendswithyou are throwing a launch party and art show at the Kidrobot store in South Beach. They are launching a line of 29 little dudes that you can take with you anywhere for good luck and happiness. The zipper-pulls are called The Luckies, and I can guarantee that owning one of these little guys will get you lucky, not only with ladies, but with anyone you want to be friendly and open with.

Sam and Tury are also excited about the limited edition full color screen prints they will be debuting at the event. They come in two sizes, "huge and big." All you people who are trying to look cool and act aloof, remember there was a time when fun was fun, and not everyone was your enemy (sometimes all the girls I've Biblically are my enemy, but that's my cross to bare). Friendswithyou welcomes you with a smile and a hug into their world. They " just want to make new friends."

Get Luckies with Friendswithyou, Thursday, May 7. Kidrobot, 638 Collins Ave., Miami Beach. Starts at 6 p.m. For more information called 305-673-5807.

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