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Queensrÿche at Revolution, November 11

While many heavy bands dubbed "progressive metal" have been forced to toil on the fringes of the rock world at large, Queensrÿche is one of the few acts to come out of that scene and into mainstream success. That's because, despite any early noodly leanings during its beginning in the early '80s, the band has always had a knack for fist-pumping choruses. The best Queensrÿche songs have combined prog metal's tight technicality with explosive, anthemic melodies that landed the band on the top radio stations and arenas of the world.

These days, the band's profile is a little lower, but it continues to release new music, and four of the five original members — Geoff Tate, Michael Wilton, Eddie Jackson, and Scott Rockenfield — are still rocking together. This year marks the band's 30th anniversary and the release of its 13th studio album, Dedicated to Chaos, which appeared this past June. Queensrÿche celebrates both of these milestones with an intimate headlining gig at Revolution this Thursday before hitting the high seas aboard the annual Shiprocked hard-rock cruise.

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