Quintron Seeks Formal Flip-Flops for Bruise Cruise

Quintron and Miss Pussycat could be the sleeper act of this weekend's Bruise Cruise Festival and its corresponding pre-party being held Thursday evening at Grand Central. Inevitably, soul-inspired tunes fueled by the mighty Hammond B-3 organ, the self-patented, light-activated Drum Buddy synth, and Miss Pussycat's noted skills as a puppeteer make for a live experience difficult to encapsulate. So don't box 'em in! 

Pleasures should be aplenty with new material courtesy of the forthcoming "Sucre Du Sauvage", which Quintron created at the New Orleans Museum of Art -- as an exhibit! New track "Banana Beat" featuring lead vocals by Miss Pussycat seems like a perfectly logical selection for this occasion.

Following up a semi-sick convo with the Black

Lips, and a chat with the Vivian Girls about this weekend's cruise -- also featuring Turbo Fruits, Surfer Blood, Jacuzzi Boys, Ty Segall, 

Thee Oh Sees, the Strange Boys -- we have Quintron discussing his fashion plans for the weekend.

New Times: Have you ever been on a cruise before?

Quintron: Nope. I have been on a bus and a train and of course in a van but never a big boat like that. I keep looking at pictures of them and they look like giant floating space station cities! I can't wait!

How did you get involved with this cruise?

Well our booking agent asked us if we wanted to get paid to perform on a cruise ship with some other bands that we actually like and, uh... I do not believe in an afterlife or reincarnation so I think that when the universe presents you with such opportunities you should always always say yes. It was obvious.

What do you plan to wear?

Well I personally plan to wear a different outfit almost every six hours. I will be dressing for dinner (tux with tails) and wearing lots of gold jewelry and sunglasses during the daytime hours. No special songs really... just lots of stuff from our new record. I need to get some linen pants and flip flops that don't look stupid with a suit. Is that possible?

How do you feel about interacting with fans and other bands during the cruise?

Hmmmm... I don't know. That could be weird. I don't feel comfortable around people I don't know well -- especially if they are all wearing bathing suits. There are some of our peeps coming from New Orleans and we are tight with Black Lips and Ian Svenonius so that will be cool. I think I will really enjoy meeting the ship's captain and spending some time on the bridge.

Bruise Cruise Kickoff Party. With the Black Lips, Vivian Girls, Surfer Blood, Strange Boys, Thee Oh

Sees, Quintron and Miss Pussycat, Ty Segall, Turbo Fruits, and Jacuzzi

Boys. 6 p.m. Thursday, February 24, at Grand Central, 697 N. Miami Ave.,

Miami. Tickets cost $20 via wantickets.com. The event is free for all cruise passengers. Visit bruisecruisefestival.com. Ages 18 and up.

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