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R. Kelly Party Disappoints Some Fans: Revolution and Promoter Respond

Expectations versus outcome is always a problem when words like party, VIP event, experience, or DJ set are thrown around, and the R. Kelly Black & White Party at Revolution on Sunday proved to be unsatisfactory for some in attendance.

Rule of thumb: Whenever a promoter calls an event anything other than a "concert" or a "performance," you sadly should not expect three hours of R&B jams. Thus, Revolution issued a statement to quell the anger expressed when Kelly arrived Sunday at 1 a.m. at an event that began at 8 p.m. "While this was promoted as a VIP Meet & Greet Party rather than a concert, it was very poorly organized and did not live up to the advertised message," a news release states. And the venue notes that the venue was rented out to an outside promoter, who was responsible for the event. 

"It was a pretty good event," countered Ed Darling of Premiere Marketing

Group, who put on the event. "He did a song or so and did a

contest, shook hands, got off the stage, and hugged the people in the

meet-and-greet area. It was never advertised as a performance; it was

advertised from day one as a VIP party."

Darling confirmed that he received a call from Revolution staff that

mentioned there were some complaints but stands firm that this was

exactly the event he had planned to host.


knew how it was supposed to be," Darling continues. "I talked to a couple of people, and I

asked 'How did you come to [think it was a performance]?' There were radio advertisements, internet

advertisements, and fliers saying it was a party. You can't just think that. You

gotta hear that or know that. You can't think that, just because it's R.


He added that the outcome of this event did not affect his standing with the club for future events.

Here is Revolution's full statement:

Revolution Live in Ft

Lauderdale prides itself on producing and presenting a first class concert

event at all our shows. Providing a quality,

comfortable fan experience is of paramount importance to us.


However, we do make our

facility available for rental to other promoters and individuals who produce

events in our space. While we do our

best to make sure these rentals deliver, unfortunately our control over their

product can at times be limited. Such

was the case with the R Kelly Black and White VIP Party held Sunday, October 2nd.


We understand that there

was some disappointment with the event and the quality of entertainment offered

by the promoter. R. Kelly showed up at 1

AM for an event that started at 8PM.

While this was promoted as a VIP Meet & Greet Party rather than a

concert, it was very poorly organized and did not live up to the advertised

message. Please contact Ticketmaster for

customer service and refund details.


Revolution Live does not

produce events like this and this is not indicative of the way we run our

concerts. We hope that those who had a

negative experience at this event do not let it reflect on Revolution Live. We look forward to seeing you at one of our

future shows.

Anyone with more information who attended the event, please let us know.

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