R. Kelly's Trapped in the Closet Goes to Broadway

Unless you were at the Sunshine Theater in New York City last night, you'll have to wait till Friday to watch the next episode of R. Kelly's R&B opera Trapped in the Closet on IFC. Gawker was there though, and reported back to the rest of us lowly folk with the fantastic information that, not only is Kells' favorite movie Star Wars, but he's bringing Trapped in the Closet to Broadway. Lord have mercy! He didn't give a ton of details, but he's probably starring in it, at least in a few cities, and he's currently adapting the script for the stage. He's got 85 chapters written and ready to be created. They're only on number 23.

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To help you navigate the complex narrative, see the Guardian's breakdown of all the TITC characters. And don't even mess around, after the jump, watch the craziest kitty Kells action video ever.

Trapped In The Closet will air on IFC.com at 9 p.m. on Monday, November 26.

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